Welcome to Attack Cycling!

I became a cycling coach because it is a merger of three things that I am passionate about: Cycling (obviously), Data Analysis/Technology, and helping others reach their full potential.

Since I started cycling competitively, I have been fascinated with the sport… there are so many variables: from the mental and physical aspects of the sport to the latest technology and sports science.  When I bought my first power meter, I immediately started reading everything I could get my hands on how to use the data my power meter gave me to improve.  The power meter provided a meaningful way to measure improvement- and soon the process of training became just as rewarding as racing results.

Over the last year I have been exposed to some leaders who are strong advocates of the idea of a “growth mindset.”  I believe that mindset, along with time to train, are the 2 biggest limiters for most cyclists.

So, combining the latest in cycling science (I just finished a power certification course by Hunter Allen) and the idea of embracing a growth mindset, I am starting Attack Cycling.  The goal is to simply help cyclists seeking high performance to improve- not matter their current level.

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