January Highlights

Attack Cycling Athletes have rolled into 2016 hard!  We’ve had three athletes increase their Functional Threshold Power (FTP) by over 10 watts in 1 month!  Also, some great results in racing (Attack Cycling athletes are not afraid of the cold).

Roseann and Mike Peiffer at the Cleveland Metroparks’ Fat Bike race.

For most athletes, this time of year is spent focusing on “Power Base” training which consists mainly of Endurance, Tempo and Threshold work.  Sweet Spot Training (SST) is a small range (88-93% of FTP) that includes upper end of Tempo and lower end of Threshold.   SST workouts have been key workouts for most of my athletes in January.

What was most exciting to me about the big FTP gains in January was that the 3 athletes took different paths (training plans) to get there:

  • Athlete 1: Masters Cyclist & Triathlete with years of cycling under his belt.  2 key cycling workouts per week plus normal regimen of running and cross training.  +15 watts in FTP
  • Athlete 2: Cat 3 Cyclist.  Sweet Spot and Threshold work with a focus on longer durations.  +14 watts in FTP
  • Athlete 3: Cat 5 Cyclist, new to training with power.  Mix of Tempo and Some Sweet Spot work.  +11 watts in FTP

No two athletes are the same, everyone’s path is unique.

Finally, some results: First, Cycle Werks Tow Path Time Trial.  This was an 8.6-mile, out and back route on the gravel path along the Maumee River (Strava Segment).  Weather was in the single digits with a little bit of snow on the ground.  Shout out to Attack Cycling athletes: Roseann Peiffer won the women’s division on her Fat Bike with a time of 30:33.  Matt Thourot won the Cyclocross (and overall by nearly 3 minutes) with a time of 21:48!  Matt clearly can throw down wattage when he is in a race mindset, registering an average power of about 40 watts above his FTP.  3rd place was myself at 26:01 and Mike Peiffer took 7th at 26:57.


Matt Thourot crushing the Tow Path Time Trial!

Speaking of the Peiffers, the pair rounded out January with a Fat bike race in Cleveland.  Mike took 18th place overall (impressive for riding a 40lb, 2007 Pugsley)!  Roseann was just a few minutes behind in 21st (4th amongst women).

Awesome stories and 2016 is just getting started!


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