ITP4ES Conference

A couple weeks ago I attended the Innovations in Training with Power for Endurance Sports (ITP4ES) conference in Indianapolis. The conference was about innovations in and the future of endurance sports training.  The list of presenters included some of the brightest minds in the sport like Andy Coggan, Tim Cusick, Dean Golich, and others.

Since training with power has become mainstream in cycling, FTP has been the one benchmark to measure your cycling prowess.  No doubt that if you were going to pick one metric to track, FTP would be it.  However, it is easy to become too hyper-focused on FTP (especially if you are estimating FTP based on a 20-minute test).

I consider myself an early adopter of the new science/metrics that are available in WKO4, such as: Modeled FTP (mFTP), Time to Exhaustion, Functional Reserve Capacity, Pmax, and Stamina.  These metrics give you a more complete picture of the athlete and, depending on the athlete’s goal events, can be instrumental in success.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be writing more about my experiences in using these new metrics in a series called: “Beyond FTP.”   Thanks for reading & stay tuned!


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